The Story Behind RipplePoint

We saw an opportunity. The frustration in grappling with communications jargon, incomplete financial and contractual information and outdated processes motivated us to find a solution to cut communications cost while transforming communications management. We are driven by the passion to eliminate the mystique and grunge from enterprise-wide communications, providing visibility and decision-making clarity to cut costs for the hotel industry.

We deliver independent, fact-based solutions to communications problems and provide insights on the strategic, operational, and technological communications issues that will help our clients thrive in the longer term. Our intellectual capital and our expertise enable us to offer clients innovative and actionable solutions that we implement on their behalf.

Just The Facts

We have a unique advantage: we know our client’s actual communications spend when we begin work. We have the actual invoices and can isolate a specific cost. This means that the cost is not diluted in an operating budget or P&L where expenses get allocated to departments so no one sees the total cost (lack of visibility). We capture and report actual results. We can prove to the penny by location, by region, by carrier, by enterprise our actual results by month. This means there’s nothing vague, no rounded words, no hyperbole and no hype. Just the facts.

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