Is RipplePoint Right for Your Properties?

  • Do you know how much you should spend at your properties for communications versus actual spend?

  • Do you know your Communications Cost per Available Room (CCPAR) and how it compares with competing properties?

  • Do your accounting and IT departments have the required time and information to cut communications “Cost of Service” and increase “Gross Operating Profit”?

  • Do you have a complete and actionable repository of service contracts and assets to validate that your properties are being invoiced correctly?

  • Do you know if your communications environment is a selling point and closing tool for group bookings or is a challenge for your DOS?

  • Do you know if your communications environment is keeping up with the demands of guests and meeting planners? Is it positively reflected in your guest satisfaction surveys?

  • Do you know what the average bandwidth and cost per Mbps are at your properties?

  • Do you know if you have an optimized wireless environment or are your properties possibly spending too much?