Meaure It


Gregg Pace

President and Chief Executive Officer

Gregg Pace is a leader in delivering web-enabled solutions which measure and significantly cut mission critical voice, data and wireless cost while optimizing strategic communications capacity for clients.

Leading an international banking software firm for over 20 years shaped Gregg’s perspective on providing a competitive advantage for clients. In this role, he managed the absolute need to drive revenue, optimize capacity, cut unnecessary expense and deliver quantifiable results. He’s led two start-ups (including RipplePoint) as well as two turnaround companies that were eventually sold to strategic investors.

Dustin Reineke

Executive Vice President and Chief Strategic Officer

Dustin founded Excelsior Communications Services (ECS), Inc. During the business development phase, Dustin and Gregg realized an opportunity to partner and develop enterprise communications management software utilizing the power of total connectivity and a flat business model. Dustin continues to drive the strategic vision of RipplePoint utilizing his unique knowledge of voice and data service engineering.

Dustin is responsible for ensuring that RipplePoint is utilized successfully to drive new top line revenue growth and eliminate fixed and variable expense to increase client’s net operating income. Dustin’s focus is on project re-engineering and program management with a strong emphasis on communications process optimization. This includes architecting, designing and implementing leading voice, data, and wireless technologies such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems/services and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks in understandable and profitable ways for hospitality communications environments designed to cut cost while enhancing the guest experience.

A communications professional, Dustin’s passion is serving clients, achieving both specific enterprise objectives such as Communications Cost per Available Room (CCPAR) reduction, but also providing clarity and consistency of communication to both a technical and management audience.

Don Van Hoeck

Senior Vice President and Chief Software Architect

Don is responsible for the overall architecture of RipplePoint, managing all facets of product design, development, and quality assurance.

Don has extensive knowledge and experience in diverse disciplines which include software architecture and design, bank and global software application development and software product management. His insightful and experienced background, driving many first time innovations, coupled with a passion for optimizing processes, is evident when the RipplePoint tools are utilized with client information contained within its SQL database.