RipplePoint... The Technology Managing YOUR Communications

RipplePoint software exposes the problem of overspending by giving you visibility into your true communications costs.

RipplePoint has four significant relational database design attributes that make it unique in managing hospitality communications and cost reduction efforts.

  • Hierarchy Structure and Relationships:

    RipplePoint facilitates the grouping, viewing and reporting of properties and employees (wireless), within management companies/REITS, by ownership, region/fund groupings, brand, sub-brand, carrier and vendor. These relationships are key to understanding the service and vendor interrelationships in the communications value chain and what can be optimized to cut costs and increase guest satisfaction.

  • Service Value Chain Repository:

    RipplePoint’s information repository defines by property the multiple “Points of Function” by asset (hardware, PBX, router, etc.) and service type (Internet, Data, Voice, etc.). It also tracks each vendor responsible for providing maintenance and/or technical support for these “Points of Function” when and if they become “Points of Failure”. It provides both a macro and micro view and understanding of the communications configuration, and the potential causes of a problem, to isolate and provide a faster resolution to a problem affecting guests and administration. Subsequently, it eliminates vendor finger pointing in a complex hospitality communications environment.

  • Granular Standard General Ledger Chart of Accounts:

    RipplePoint allows for a detailed breakdown of carrier and maintenance invoices, which are coded consistently across properties, regions and holding companies. This provides an accurate and consistent roll up of all communications costs to regions and management companies. Comparative performance of properties, regions, holding companies, brands and sub-brands is available for optimal performance and insightful contract negotiation – all without changing the holding company chart of accounts for analysis and cost cutting recommendations.

  • Hospitality Analytics and Reporting:

    RipplePoint’s “Bill Slayer” capability, utilizing our unique Proof of Invoice (POI), analyzes your invoices against contracts for accuracy within 24 hours of receipt. Management can view current actual cost versus initial cost or budget by date ranges, cost types, service types, fixed, variable, tax and surcharge. This enables you to accurately review details from the holding company through each reporting level to a property, an individual invoice, a line item or individual cell usage with 100% accuracy.

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