RipplePoint is About a Re-Conception of Outdated Business Processes

Hospitality groups don’t necessarily understand the possibilities of reducing costs, increasing bandwidth and streamlining operations due to changing dynamics in the communications industry.

RipplePoint delivers visibility into your entire communications infrastructure. We cut costs, streamline operations and develop and coordinate a communications strategy to enable your key business drivers within capital budget constraints.

RipplePoint redefines the fundamental terms of reference for hospitality communications and all related suppliers (carrier service, equipment, maintenance and support). Communications business tasks and processes are archaic and – pure grunge. RipplePoint eliminates the grunge and makes communications faster, less expensive and accurate for hospitality.

Deeper than understanding the nuances of the “communications industry” as a whole, the RipplePoint team understands the unique needs of the hotelier. Our focused team of experts have years of deep hospitality domain expertise. They know the profitability of properties depends on efficient operations and they have the solutions to help make this happen.

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