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The RipplePoint team goes beyond simply understanding the complexities of technology and communications; we pride ourselves on possessing an in-depth understanding of the specific requirements within your industry. With years of collective expertise, our dedicated team is committed to tailoring solutions that not only align with the broader technological landscape but also address the distinct challenges and opportunities present in your business.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, and our team works seamlessly together to ensure that our clients receive comprehensive, forward-thinking solutions that not only meet their current needs but also position them for long-term success and optimal cost-savings. Whether it's optimizing communication channels, streamlining IT processes, or developing customized solutions, the RipplePoint team is committed to empowering clients and fostering a collaborative environment that goes beyond conventional service.

We recognize that RipplePoint's strength lies not only in the exceptional business intelligence software we offer but also in our ability to enhance it through the utilization of our diverse skills and experiences. This approach allows us to achieve results that significantly impact our clients' technology services and overall success.

Dustin Reineke

President & CEO

Gregg Pace


Amy Moler

Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Jeannine Rohrbach

CFO Strategic Partners

Charlie Lystrup

Senior Vice President - Hospitality
Laura-H (1) (1)

Laura Herremans

Senior Software Architect

Gail Gust

Vice President - Enterprise Development
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